Barrier-free user experience through UX Accessibility Research

Why Accessibility should be an essential component of digital offerings

The Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on May 16 of this year emphasizes the importance of accessibility in the digital world. Over one billion people worldwide live with disabilities and impairments. On this day, we should remember that the development of digital applications must be inclusive to provide access to all individuals, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

Improved accessibility of digital products through UX Accessibility Testing

Learn more about the crucial role of digital accessibility research in the context of UX and consumer research in our latest online post on the Merlien portal about the UX360 Event in Berlin and read about the various testing methods available to ensure the accessibility of digital products for all users, including those with disabilities.

Digital accessibility not only promotes inclusivity but also serves as a catalyst for broader improvements in user experience design, ultimately contributing to a user-centered approach in product development.

We should use automation as much as we can, I’m all for it, but automatic will always need to be paired with active user testing and participation.” -Hoby Wedler, Ph.D.

With automated tools as testing methods you can rapidly scan and identify technical compliance issues that violate established accessibility standards such as the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). But tests conducted with real users capture all the nuances of human interaction!

Discover more about the benefits and opportunities of our UX Accessibility Research in the latest online-article on Merlien’s website!

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Julia Gurney © Foto by Keckeis Krupna

Julia Gurney

Julia Gurney is Senior Research Consultant at the User Experience department at eye square.

Julia obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a focus on Marketing and Research from Loyola University New Orleans.

She collaborates closely with the US market and works with both implicit and explicit data.


About Hoby Wedler

Hoby Wedler has over a decade of experience as a Chief Executive Officer and educator for blind and visually impaired individuals, continuously working to provide new opportunities, tools, and motivation. In his role as a CEO and esteemed consultant, he focuses on developing diverse teams, transforming businesses in general, and enhancing organizational competence and sustainable growth. As a chemist and entrepreneur who is blind himself, he utilizes his expertise in sensory perception, scientific knowledge, and education to positively impact inclusivity, justice, and accessibility worldwide, promoting their advancement.

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