ARF Attention 2024 Event at NYC

ARF Attention 2024

Come together with attention economy experts to share case studies and participate in engaging discussions on attention measurement and ad impact!

The ARF Attention presents the latest research on the impact of attention in advertising and brand development presented by ARF members and invited academics.

The event is a chance for advertisers to enhance their communication effectiveness by understanding attention, which has transitioned from the lab to the marketplace with the rise of attention metrics for evaluating ad creative and media context.

The ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) will share insights of their own initiative. The project compares analyses by 12 companies on ad creative, but will provide a glimpse into Phase III`s focus on attention metrics for media evaluation, along with a guide to attention, emotion, persuasion, and memory in advertising.

ARF Attention 2024

Tuesday, May 14
Jay Conference Midtown East 
515 Madison Avenue, 10th Floor
New York City 

Livestream 10am – 4:30pm ET 

Gain valuable insights from our presentation at the ARF Attention 2024!

As a member of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) we are proud to present the latest results of the ATLAS (American Thought Leadership in Attention Study) project to increase awareness of the importance of attention measurement and to drive the future of effective advertising forward.

Tuesday, May 14

ATLAS – How Attention on Vertical Video Ads Triggers Purchase

Jeff Bander

President and Chief Revenue Officer, eye square inc.

Nuria Sichalla

Senior Research Consultant, eye square

ATLAS delves into the influence of creative and media attention on purchasing behavior, highlighting the varying impact of brand exposure on different social media platforms with full-screen vertical video ads.

Active and passive attention play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of brand messaging, with branded moment exposure yielding distinct results for small and large brands in various sectors.

The study aims to identify the optimal level and type of attention required to drive tangible purchase outcomes in an authentic online shopping setting, guiding marketers on strategic placement of creative assets and timing for consumer persuasion to enhance attention efficiency and overall impact.

Jeff Bander

Based in our New York office, Jeff Ephraim Bander is our President of eye square Inc. for the USA.

Jeff (MBA) has been a thought leader in the market research world since 2008 and has gained over 25 years of experience with various research companies. Before coming to eye square he held the position of award-winning, President of North America at Sticky,  a provider of online eye tracking studies.

Nuria Sichalla

Nuria Sichalla works as a Senior Research Consultant in eye square’s Brand and Media Experience Unit. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business psychology (with a focus on market, advertising and media psychology) in Hamburg and her master’s degree (marketing) in Lüneburg. The research of implicit and explicit attitudes in their effect on behavior and especially on consumer behavior has always been the common thread throughout her studies and her first years of work.


About eye square’s involvement in the ARF Initiative

The ARF’s Attention Measurement Validation Initiative aims to delve into the validity, reliability, and application of various attention measurement tools, reflecting the industry’s inclusive definition of attention encompassing cognition and emotional impact. Initiated in 2022, this project stems from the advertising industry’s heightened focus on attention measurement.

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