2024 02 Newsletter February

Dear friends,

In February, you can join us on a journey full of exciting events and explore worlds of different topics.

What can you expect?

With the Accessbility Research Case Study our UX team wants to help businesses with their transition toward accessibility in the online market and make sure that you are on track with the compliance. Are you interessted in this topic?

The Axe-Con focuses intensively on this topic. Find out more about the Accessbility Research Case Study and the event in our newsletter!

“Human Experience – Why Attention AI Needs Human Input” & “Mapping the Impact” these are the topics our eye square experts will be presenting at the AUDIENCExSCIENCE.

Do you have marketing questions?
Our AI tool “Memex Jr.” will answer any question 24/7. Now even in the USA!

And last but not least, a little trip to China in our eye square Kunsthalla. Find out more about the exciting Chinese New Year and celebrate the Year of the Dragon with us.

What else is new?
Find out more about our new employees and the wide range of events in February and March.


Enjoy reading!

Your eye square Marketing Team.

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