2023 09 Newsletter September

Dear friends,

Welcome to our September newsletter! We are thrilled to dedicate this edition to the Memex Berlin 2023 Conference, a promising event that promises to be the highlight of the month. With only a few days remaining until the conference doors swing open, there are just a handful of spots left. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to secure your seat by registering. But don’t let Memex be your sole focus – we have a slew of other exciting activities lined up for you this September.

As if Memex Berlin 2023 and the after-event Human Experience Family Pitch Night weren’t enough, we have more in store for you this September:

Under the theme “Success through innovation,” this year’s LINK Innovation Day will assemble experts and speakers to discuss AI, implicit research, and customer-centric product development. Don’t miss the chance to meet our colleagues, Stefan Schönherr and Steffen Schmidt, during their presentation at this event.

Retail Media Day promises engaging discussions, seminars, and case studies on current trends such as the use of Retail Media offers by manufacturers and their potential impact on the stationary trade. Join us to delve into the status quo of Retail Media offers in the industry.

The HORIZONT Advertising Summit and planung & analys Insights event at Frankfurt am Main are another event where you can expand your knowledge and speak with us! Join two talks packed with deep insights on ad impact at Werbewirkungsgipfel and the planung & analyse Insights 2023 with our colleagues Stefan Schönherr, Florian Passlick, Marvin Vogt, and Leonie Pfeiffer!


Enjoy the read,
your eye square Marketing Team

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