2022 03 Newsletter March

Dear friends,

This is our current March issue of the newsletter, already the third one this year! We are once again providing you with fresh content on the topic of market research. This time we are looking at the future, among other things: where is qualitative UX research heading, and how science could measure the effect of advertising in a new era of market research.

These are the topics we have prepared for you this month:

  • The future of qualitative UX research
  • Advertising effectiveness in a post-Nielsen world
  • How mental health apps benefit from UX research
  • Recordings of our presentations at the Advancing Research Conference
  • News from the eye square team
  • Wisdom Wednesday on 23 March, a Quirk’s webinar with Jeff Bander


Enjoy the sun and springtime!

Best regards from Berlin,
The eye square Marketing Team

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