Latest news from eye square in times of the Coronavirus crisis

Today we have 3 messages for you:

  • Our business continues with the highest quality. This news site explains how we achieve that.
  • We have published an interesting study that analyzes implicit and explicit fears of Corona in Germany.
  • Learn how our next-generation online tools help you to understand your customers.


We can ensure you that all of our online methods such as the InContext and implicit tools are fully available and tested to our quality standards. Through developing in-house technology and keeping up to date with the latest innovations, our teams are constantly enhancing the quality of service for your online research.

Our passion is to strengthen our relations and remain in contact with you, as well as to help you to understand your customers holistically. Today is not only a time of challenge and uncertainty, it is also a time of opportunity: explosive growth of media consumption, increased awareness and importance of brands. Value-driven, authentic communication is now more important than ever.

Thus, we invite you to learn more about our next-generation online research tools:

Ad Effects on eCom – a new research toolset that demonstrates how ad contacts activate shopper behavior on Amazon. Learn how to create ads that stimulate online shopping, measured with a unique implicit toolset that puts shopper behavior at center stage.

eCom A/B Test – an agile way of evaluating your products in different eCommerce shops. Test key elements of the product such as visuals, descriptions, prices, and promotions in a live shopping environment.

Online Qualitative Research – Qualitative interviews and focus groups can be conducted remotely – no matter whether on desktop or smartphones. Learn how easy it is to switch a study into a safe, home-operated version without methodological sacrifice in quality.

UX Online Benchmarking – Want to know how your website or app compares to your competition? We show you a new, quantitative approach that allows comparing users’ evaluation of your site/app directly with competitor sites.

Feel free to book an online meeting with one of our experts:

Read our latest implicit study on the perception of Coronavirus in Germany:

  • How do Germans feel about the Coronavirus?
  • How do men deal with feelings of threat?
  • Which fears are experienced subconsciously and which explicitly-rationally?


Read the results of the study online (in German) and check out the recent article on marktforschung.de to get more information. And watch out, new analyses coming soon, comparing Germany and the US.

We want to take the opportunity to reach out to you personally as well as to your fellow teams and coworkers. Let’s radiate hope and joy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you!

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