Dr. Ruchira Suresh

Associate Research Consultant

Dr. Ruchira Suresh is a part of the Shopper Experience Unit at eye square. As a psychology major, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in India and her Master’s degree from Maastricht University, the Netherlands.


Prior to joining eye square, she completed her doctorate in Psychology and Behavioral Decision Making from the University of Konstanz. Over the years, she has worked on various research projects focusing on the impact of numerical perception on decision making.


Her expertise includes managing end-to-end research activities, including planning, designing, and conducting empirical studies, processing, and visualizing quantitative data.  She is an ardent advocate of consumer-driven decision making, committed to bringing the best research practices to draw high-quality, practical, and meaningful insights in the dynamic world of e-commerce and shopper behavior research.


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Dr. Ruchira Suresh

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