OTC Shopper Insights

Ensuring success in the pharmacy setting- on and offline

Strengthen both your products and brands within the physical, pharmacy setting or online through POS pharma research! Create simplified purchasing processes & strategically showcase products in an ever growing brand world. Our multi-methodical approach delivers actionable insights on the influence of POS material placement, design, and content.

Data driven display guidelines support in-store conversion

The placement of OTC products can be strategically displayed and designed to optimize shoppers’ needs within the stand-out sales areas in pharmacies.

Because few standards are currently set within physical stores, many pharmacies independently decide how they want to communicate with shoppers.


Gaining a deep understanding of shoppers’ behavior and needs as they approach the store, and enter the sales area is crucial in promoting your brand in a cluttered retail environment.


Displays can highlight a product and brand – if they are designed to speak to the shoppers head and heart and placed in the correct positions.

We explain what shoppers do in-store and advise our clients on how to effectively communicate with them during each step of the shopper journey

E-Commerce – understanding online shoppers and maximizing turnover by using a customer centric communications strategy

Online sales are increasingly important for consumer health products on a worldwide scale.
Shoppers appreciate the convenience and speed in delivery.


Shopper behavior and routes to desired products are often different online.
Understanding shoppers’ needs is vital in providing the best shopping experience possible, as well as creating for a fluid interaction at the online POS.

A/B testing can answer questions on:


  • How new products perform in a competitive environment?
  • How communication along the shopper journey influences product choice?
  • Which pack images trigger shoppers to interact?
  • What impact prices and promotions have on the purchase conversion?

What does shopper research at eye square look like?

Simply put, we explain how people make purchase decisions and help our clients win at retail.


We explain the unconscious motivations, needs, visual and emotional cues that trigger shopper action and explain how to put your brand and products in the spotlight at the POS.


Online and in-Store we know what shoppers need and we know what research techniques to use to answer our clients research needs.
Based on the experience we have gathered since 1999, we deliver insights that have an immediate business impact.


By combining in-house expertise from brand, user experience and classical shopper research we support our clients in tackling the new demands they encounter in an world with an increasing amount of distractions and touch-points.

Our Research Includes:

  • Pack Design Test
  • E-Commerce A/B Test
  • E-Commerce Marketing Test
  • Online Shopper Journey Study
  • Pricing Test

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