“Memex jr.” enters the US world

“Memex Jr. perfectly represents our credo of combining science, technology and art,”

(Andreas Thoelke)

Our artificial intelligence tool “Memex Jr.” is now answering our customers’ questions in the United States as well!

“Memex Jr.” is an AI application that helps to understand complex marketing topics. Unlike a human expert, this tool is available 24/7 and provides accurate answers in any time zone. It has been developed to provide our customers with quick and precise responses to marketing questions.

The AI application has been tailored to the persona of CEO Michael Schießl and programmed based on the knowledge and information collected from our articles, videos, and sound files, enabling it to provide natural and personalized answers.

Explore our project “MEMEX Jr.” by reading the article “Have any marketing questions? eye square’s new AI Memex Jr. has the answers”on NEXT|TV.com and learn more about our “MEMEX Jr.” project.

Other sources: MARTECH360

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