Our conference took place on March 16, 2018 in Munich.

Based on the questions around Receptivity, numerous renowned experts gave lectures in the premises of KANTAR TNS in Munich.

We thank all participants, speakers, partners and visitors for this successful and innovative event!

memex 2018 MUNICH

About Technology and Art of successful customer contact

Facing a growing range of touchpoints, users are responding to the onslaught of communication with increasing selection, with external and internal filters.

With the topic Receptivity we address the question of where and how to reach people in an attentive, open and positive state. Understanding those moments becomes the decisive determinant for the success of products and communication.

In practice, two big questions arise here:

  1. How can existing touchpoints be preserved?
  2. At which new touchpoints can we reach customers in the future?

Michael Schiessl’s Keynote: Receptivity 


memex 18 in Munich


At the conference, various experts will report on extensive cross-media projects. We will focus on the question of how Receptivity can be measured and determined using technical and psychological methods:

  • Which indicators, such as viewability, attention and emotions, interact?
  • How can implicit and explicit consequences be determined?
  • What effect has Receptivity on customers’ decisions?

Speakers & Presentations

Michael Schiessl

Michael Schiessl
CEO, eye square
„Receptivity – About Technology and Art of Successful Customer Contact“

Dr. Guido Beier
Senior Manager HR Digital & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom


&  Managing Director, de3p


“Touchpoint Soul: Customer Needs eat Companies’ Wants for Breakfast.

And the same goes for Employees.”

Guido Beier Deutsche Telefom de3p
Tanja Seiter Hubert Burda Media

Tanja Seiter
Head of Client Research, Hubert Burda Media

“With content into the hearts and minds of consumers –
Getting the effects of native ads/advertorials.”

Dr. Pablo Neder
Universität Bayreuth

“Transportation: Stimulating Receptivity by Telling Stories”

Pablo Neder Ringsight
Julia Nietschke

Dr. Julia Nitschke
Director Digital, eye square

“The impact of digitalization on receptivity”

Dr. Jacques Blanchard
CEO, MetaVue, Paris

“Choice Modelling”


Winfried Hagenhoff
Managing Director Mobility, Kantar TNS

“How Brands can Increase Receptivity – Case Study Spain”

Maren Seitz
Associate Director at Kantar TNS – Global Connect Centre

“Cutting through the noise: 3 steps to successful Touchpoint Management”

Maren Seitz Kantar TNS
Chistian Bohn Meetrics

Constantin Bohn
Director Sales, 

„Viewability als Baustein einer neuen Aufmerksamkeitsökonomie“

Jekaterina Cechini
Head of digitalization department
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (BVG)

„Warum gerade die BVG-App? – Zusammenspiel von Produkt und Brand”

Krzysztof Kania
Head of UX, StepStone

„Receptivity and User Experience: It`s  all about Interface Creation“


Duncan Southgate

Global Brand Director, Media & Digital, Kantar Millward Brown

“A Contribution to Better AdReaction: building advertising receptivity across generations”

Manuel Garcia-Garcia, PhD
SVP – Global Research and Innovation, ARF, New York

„What do context effects mean for advertising practitioners?

Insights of the ARF  – The Advertising Research Foundation“

Roundtable discussion

„Receptivity: The Roadmap for the Digital Transformation of the Customer Journey.“

Use Case: Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality

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