Lisa Wiese

Director Digital Wellbeing

Lisa Wiese is an expert in qualitative and quantitative user experience research and is involved in the development of innovative methods in the field of user experience and digital wellbeing at eye square. She holds a degree in psychology with a focus on statistics, human-computer interaction and neuroscience.


In addition to her work at eye square, Lisa Wiese conducts research at the Institute for Positive Design at the TU Delft in the Netherlands. Her PhD thesis is about how everyday digital technologies, e.g. email and messaging services, social networks or online stores can be (re)designed to enhance our well-being. Lisa regularly publishes in HCI journals and speaks at conferences.



  • Wiese, L., Pohlmeyer, A., & Hekkert, P. (2019). Activities as a Gateway to Sustained Subjective Well-Being Mediated by Products. In DIS 2019 – Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference (pp. 85-97). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). https://doi.org/10.1145/3322276.3322297 (link)


  • Wiese, L., Pohlmeyer, A. E., & Hekkert, P. (2020). Design for sustained wellbeing through positive activities—a multi-stage framework. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 4(4), 1-25. [71]. https://doi.org/10.3390/mti4040071 (link)



Lisa Wiese

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