Lena Andreessen

Research Consultant

Lena Andreessen works as a research consultant at eye square’s user experience unit.


Lena graduated from Technical University Berlin with a master’s degree in human factors with a special focus in human-machine interaction, human neuropsychology and research methods. Before, she completed her bachelor’s degree in human-computer interaction at Hamburg university.


During her previous work in brain-computer interfacing research, Lena gained extensive skills and in-depth knowledge in quantitative methodology and data analysis, along with deep insight into the interplay between user and machine systems.


Her curiosity for interdisciplinary studies and academic experience give Lena the toolset to conduct quantitative and qualitative research in all phases of a project. Lena is particularly interested in the interplay of psychological phenomena in the context of human-machine interaction.




  • Andreessen, L. M., Gerjets, P., Meurers, D., & Zander, T. O. (2021). Toward neuroadaptive support technologies for improving digital reading: a passive BCI-based assessment of mental workload imposed by text difficulty and presentation speed during reading. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, 31(1), 75-104.


  • Zander, T. O., Andreessen, L. M., Berg, A., Bleuel, M., Pawlitzki, J., Zawallich, L., … & Gramann, K. (2017). Evaluation of a dry EEG system for application of passive brain-computer interfaces in autonomous driving. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 11, 78.



Lena Andreessen

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