Highlight Events with eye square in May & June

Also in May and June, you can find us at many market research events.

There are a lot of great and interesting talks, workshops and discussions waiting for you, especially on topics like eye tracking and advertising effectiveness.

We are looking forward to welcoming you personally at the following events:


Events 2023- May & June 

“Meaningful Attention” Because ROI Matters

May 24, 2023 virtuel

For a company, it is especially important to understand the attention of its consumers, this is one of the most difficult tasks facing advertisers and researchers today. But how can you find out if your marketing campaigns have the expected “ROI”?

In this webinar, Jeff Banders will explain how to make your ad as attractive as possible to the consumer and how eye square’s System 0 technology can help.

ETRA 2023 in Thübingen, Germany

May,30-June,02 in Thübingen

We would like to invite you to another ETRA event. The ACM Symposium of Eye Tracking Research & Applications (ETRA) 2023, May 30-June 2, 2023 in Tübingen, Germany, will gather many researchers and practitioners to advance eye tracking research.

Attend this year’s ETRA to participate in exciting workshops and discussions and contribute to eye tracking research.


June,07 in New York, USA

Using ad attention for campaign planning was inconceivable years ago, but today it is one of the most important components for companies as advances in neuroscience, biometrics, eye tracking “in the wild” and AI-powered diagnostics of responses to digital media have sparked growing interest in using attention metrics. At this year’s AUDIENCExSCIENCE conference, questions such as:
“How close do low-cost surrogates come to the more expensive data from direct human measurements?”
“How accurate are measurements of positive/negative emotions associated with attention?”
“How different are attention levels when content is displayed on different devices/surfaces?”

will be answered and updates on Phase I of the ARF Attention Validation Initiative will be presented.

BVM Congress

June, 14.2023 – in Frankfurt am Main

At the Congress of German Market Research on June 14. 2023, you can learn from the best in market and social research. This year’s motto is: “Data about data and no end – How research analytics creates overview and orientation”.

You can look forward to speakers such as physicist Teresa Kubacka, digital pioneer Andera Gadeib, data scientist Anna Rosling Rönnlund and TV-famous physicist and comedian Vince Ebert.

In addition to these great talks, you can expect many PechaKucha presentations highlighting research analytics. In addition, the study with the greatest innovation performance will receive the Innovation Award 2023, and the Young Researchers 2023 – BVM/ VMÖ/SWISS INSIGHTS in the categories Master’s Thesis and Dissertation will be selected and have the opportunity to present their work on this evening.

Join us and register here!

Congress “Deutsche Marktforschung”

June, 29-30.2023 – Frankfurt am Main 

Speakers at this year’s Horizon Congress 2023, will provide deep insight into topics such as, concepts for targeting Generation Z, Chat GPT, the Metaverse, E- Commerce and much more.

Interested? Here you can find the registration and an overview of other topics.

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