Collaboration in the field of science-eye square and the eyes4ICU network

How we cooperate with the innovative academic network Eyes4ICU

eye square is a supporter of the Eyes4ICU initiative, a network dedicated to researching eye interaction. The collaboration is led by neuroscience expert Philipp Reiter and brand & media scientist Matthias Rothensee.

With almost 25 years of experience in eye tracking, eye square has been a pioneer in this field. The project follows a comprehensive strategy, seamlessly integrating psychological, computer-based, and application-oriented aspects into three separate work packages: user understanding, gaze communication, and eye interaction “In The Wild”.

This innovative network promotes student exchange and emphasizes eye square’s unwavering commitment to developing integrative technologies through the exploration of cognitive and emotional foundations in eye interaction.

EYES4ICU, standing for “Eyes for Information, Communication, and Understanding”, is designed to change the landscape of gaze-based communication.

The fusion intentionally combines psychological theories, computer modeling, and real-world applications with a focus on global diversity. The significance of eye square in this partnership extends beyond its extensive knowledge base, as market research contributes to establishing European standards for gaze-based communication in various fields.

This collaboration represents a commitment to promoting cutting-edge research, disseminating knowledge, and cultivating expertise. Another driving force for eye square is to contribute to scientific progress and create societal benefits for the next generation.

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