October 30th 2018 in Detroit

About the Technology and Art of Successful Customer Contact

Faced with a growing range of touchpoints, users are reacting to overwhelming communication with increasing selection, meaning external and internal filters.

With RECEPTIVITY, we address the question of where and how to reach people in a considerate, open and positive way. The understanding of these moments is the decisive determinant for the success of product and communication.

There are virtually two big questions:

  1. How can existing touchpoints be obtained?
  2. At which new touchpoints can we reach customers in the future?

eye square, in connection with WeWork, cordially invites you to

MEMEX 2018 on October 30th in Detroit. Please join us for an evening of receptivity!


Globally, we are in the midst of a massive economic shift where the rules of consumer capitalism are changing and are becoming ever more dependent on the digital space. With the increasing noise in the digital sphere, it is a decisive challenge for companies to send signals that reach their consumers on both a cognitive and an emotional level.


Simply relying on the indicators provided by the digital ecosystem to measure consumers’ receptivity to your brand or product isn’t enough—it tends to leave key information out, resulting in a disconnect between your consumer’s real experience and your understanding of it. Grounded in the framework of neurosemiotics, we will breakdown three terms that explain receptivity: real, imagery and symbolic.


Detroit provides a compelling example of the economic, social, and civic consequences of an industry losing contact to the real – consequences that the city and the American auto industry are only recently starting to recover from.


Perhaps the most powerful tool that modern brands and businesses can have in their arsenal, to gracefully navigate this digital upheaval of traditional consumer relationships is the concept of receptivity — reaching humans at a moment when they are open and joyful, thus keeping your brand or product relevant, engaging, and accessible.

The experts from eye square, a Berlin based technology leader for experience research, have developed key research methods to measure consumer receptivity and will outline their underlying technology and psychological framework on October 30th in downtown Detroit.

Receptivity – Case Studies

Various experts will report from extensive intermedia projects on how to measure and determine the relevance of receptivity through technical and psychological methods:

We are thrilled to be presenting alongside some brilliants minds within the digital world…..

  • Which indicators such as viewability,
    attention, and emotions work together?
  • How can implicit and explicit consequences be determined?
  • What influence does receptivity have on consumer decision making?

Speakers & Presentations

Michael Schiessl

Michael Schiessl (CEO, eye square)

“What is Live Receptivity? The framework of neurosemiotics”

Jeff Bander
CRO, eye square

Using Live Receptivity on the US market


Bibiana Omar Zajtai
Senior Project Manager, eye square

“Live Receptivity Platform’s underlying technology”

Use Case: Eye-Tracking in Virtual Reality

Thank you for the participation!



October 30, 2018
from 6pm to 8pm


WeWork Merchant’s Row
19 Clifford St. / 1449 Woodward Ave
Detroit MI 48226


Contact: Maxmarie Wilmoth


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