2014 Best Presentation Award – Markentag

In a joint study with the Leibniz University Touchpoint Research as Moment of Truth, the identification of implicit and explicit effects of brands through multisensory package design at POS.

In recent years, brand touchpoints and multisensory brand management have been the new magic words in brand management. Designing a multisensory brand contact point is primarily an essential reliable measurement. At the conference, Steffen Schmidt, Sascha Langner and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann from the Leibnitz University in Hannover, and eye square’s Michael Schießl in Berlin will present the example of package design use and significance, a combination of methods as brand contact measurement.


Over the last decade, the number of brand-customer touchpoints has increased extremely (online and offline). However, still one of the most important touchpoints between customers and a brand is the experience in the “analog” world at the point of sale (PoS). This is the first moment of truth where customers get in real physical contact with the brand and evaluate it with all of their five senses.

The challenge for brand managers is to address the right brand cues at each touchpoint, but in particular at the PoS where the brand has to measure up to customers’ expectations built up by all brand contacts before. Especially sensory packaging design at the PoS can be an appropriate means to strengthen brand appearance by triggering the right brand cue information processes in a customer’s mind.

In the following paper we present two studies introducing a combined measurement approach based on explicit and implicit measures compared to a single measure. Our study results show that a combined model not only offers a higher explanatory value, but also offers a diagnostic tool to identify and test sensory product packaging and its influence on brand cue information processing.

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