MEMEX 2016


We find ourselves in a transistion from an hedonistic society to a culture of reflection.
The longing for emotionally profound forms of communication seizes the times we live in. This year’s memex 16 was dedicated to the question, how does one best position himself in marketing and product development in this zeitgeist, especially in the digital world.

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Fun and joy of use were the designated motives in brand communication in the past years. We found in our studies that brands and products should not just be about fun, and that consumers are increasingly looking for a deeper meaning. This longing manifests itself positively in the sensation of joy.


Carina Lehne de López – Unit Lead User Experience
eye square GmbH


Keynote: “Freude – Über Sinnhaftigkeit in der post-hedonischen Markenführung”


Michael Schießl – Managing Director & Partner
eye square GmbH


Sebastian Syperek

“Jetzt ein Auto. Jetzt ein Lächeln. – Freude beim Carsharing”


Sebastian Syperek – Global Head of Market Research
car2go Group GmbH

Sebastian Glenz

“Wie viel Witz verträgt die Marke? – Der Einsatz von Humor in der Markenkommunikation der Aktion Mensch”


Sebastian Glenz – Leiter Marktbeobachtung & Analyse
Aktion Mensch

Dennis Ortmann

“Dein Kollege hatauch Unger!” – User and Lunch Experience Case


Dennis Ortmann – Co-Founder, Head of Sales
Lunchio GmbH

Franz Kummer – Product Manager
Lunchio GmbH

Alisa Missling – Research Consultant User Experience
eye square GmbH

Ulrich Klenke

“Dem Glück auf Sprünge helfen”


Ulrich Klenke – CEO
Ogilvy & Mather Deutschland

Prof. Yasue Mitsukura

“KANSEI Detection and it’s Application Using a Simple EEG Device”


Prof. Yasue Mitsukura – Associate Professor
Keio University, Department of System Design Engineering

Stefan Schönherr

“Mobile Revolution – Was mobile Werbung heute schon leistet und wo Ihre Zukunft liegt”


Stefan Schönherr – Unit Lead Brand & Media Experience
eye square GmhH


“Emotions / Neuro / Implicit: Perspectives and experiences within consumer insights”


Panel: Moderation Michael Schießl, eye square GmbH


Jacques Blanchard, MetaVue

Yasue Mitsukura, Keio University

Dr. Matthias Rothensee, eye square GmbH

Katharina Weinstock

“Virtual Reality – Ein Rundgang durch die eye square Galerie”


Katharina Weinstock – Kunsthistorikerin & Kuratorin

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