Maxmarie Wilmoth


Maxmarie Wilmoth is the COO and Corporate Secretary of eye square’s US subsidiary, eye square Inc. She has worked at eye square since 2015 and has held a variety of roles on the Analysis and Shopper Experience teams in addition to her business administration work. She has been managing the administration of the US subsidiary since 2020. Her responsibilities include HR, personnel management and recruitment, financial forecasting, AP & AR, and serving as the contact person for key legal, tax, and accountancy consultants in the US.

Maxmarie holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Middlebury College in the United States and is currently a candidate for an MSc in Urban Regeneration at The Bartlett School of Planning in London.

eye square Inc (US)


Maxmarie Wilmoth

Telephone +1 707 681 5123


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