Marktforschung.de Webinar

New Date!
25.04.2024 | 11:00am (Berlin Time)

Revolutionize online shopping: Use the possibilities of Ecommerce Insights and in-context tests!

In the new marktforschung.de webinar, our eye square expert Sven Diekmann shows that in a world of constantly increasing online spending and technological leaps, the way we shop is changing.

Dive into the world of online innovation with marktforschung.de and Sven Diekmann and learn helpful secrets on how to use eCommerce Shopper Insights and In-Context Tests.

You will also learn how to successfully increase the visibility of your brands and products and offer your customers an unforgettable online shopping experience.

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Interview with Sven Diekmann

How can e-commerce insights and in-context testing be game changers? And why is behavioral data now the ultimate currency?

In the Marktforschung.de article “Real behavioral data is the new currency for advertising effectiveness”, Sven Diekmann briefly touches on the webinar topic and talks about how e-commerce insights and in-context testing can change the online shopping world.

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Director Business Development

Sven Diekmann returned to eye square after ten years in his new role as Director Business Development, where he was Director Client Relations until 2011. At that time, Sven conducted UX and advertising studies and built eye square’s Shopper Research Unit. During his time of absence, Sven worked in various roles: as a consultant, head of the Service Factory, head of HR and most recently in the PMO.

Now he can contribute his extensive experience and further develop eye square’s projects and customer relationships together with the Leadership Team by connecting with enterprise customers, understanding their needs and delivering the right insights and recommendations for action.

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