Maria Elizabeth Samaniego Huber

Intern Marketing

Maria Elizabeth Samaniego Huber is a highly motivated Bachelor of Arts student, specializing in Business Engineering and Advertising and Brand Communication. With exceptional academic achievements and a track record of leadership as Vice President of the student council, she brings a strong foundation to her current internship at eye square in the marketing department.


With a diverse background in business administration, customer relations management, and marketing, Maria is eager to apply her skills and knowledge to optimize marketing strategies and understand consumer behavior. Her analytical mindset, combined with her passion for entrepreneurship, enables her to provide valuable insights and contribute to the team’s projects and initiatives.


With her dedication, adaptability, and proficiency in multiple languages, Maria is well-positioned to make a significant impact and thrive during her internship at eye square.



Maria Elizabeth Samaniego Huber

Telefon +49 30 698144-0


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