Lara Kürten

Research Consultant

Lara Kürten is a Research Consultant in the User Experience unit at eye square. She completed her Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Erlangen, with a focus on clinical psychology and mental health.


During her previous work in a digital project on dementia health services research, Lara gained further experience in conducting quantitative studies and helped develop a new questionnaire to understand the needs of family caregivers.


Lara conducts qualitative and quantitative UX studies in all phases of product development and for different industries.



Kürten, L., Dietzel, N., Kolominsky-Rabas, P.L., Graessel, E. (2021): Predictors of the one-year-change in depressiveness in informal caregivers of community-dwelling people with dementia, BMC Psychiatry, 2021.



Lara Kürten

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