Katharina Tanneberger © Foto by Keckeis Krupna

Katharina Tanneberger

Principal Research Consultant

Katharina Tanneberger is Principal Research Consultant in the Shopper Experience Research unit at eye square. In her research, she focuses on package design and shelf tests and has additional expertise in conducting eCommerce studies.


Katharina is a co-founder of one of eye square’s tribes: special interest groups that create space for knowledge transfer through cross-team collaboration. Katharina’s tribe focuses on sustainability research and aims to think along with the customers and incorporate changing consumer values into market- and advertising effectiveness research.


Katharina is responsible for the training of apprentices/trainees in the Shopper Experience Research unit. She studied Social Sciences and got professional training as a Specialist in Market and Social Research herself.


Pierre Fabre


Carries out national and international studies


Expert in package design studies and shelf tests


Quantitative insights from extensive e-commerce studies


Eye tracking expert



Katharina Tanneberger

Telephone +49 30 698144-26

Fax +49 30 698144-10


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