Human Experience Family Event | Pitch Night | Recap

Human Experience Family Event & Pitch Night – Being human in a rapidly evolving digital landscape


eye square marks its 25th anniversary in 2024 as a pioneer in market research and innovative insights into human behavior. Over the past two decades, significant changes have occurred in technology, media, and human experiences. To adapt to these dynamic shifts, eye square has introduced the Human Experience Family (HXF), a collaborative platform where experts from various fields come together to explore, discuss, and analyze the evolving landscape of human experiences.

On March 14, we celebrated the first of a series of gatherings that will investigate human existence and experience in a world shaped by new digital realities, from AI and the metaverse, to social media and digital work. Under the topic “Being human in a rapidly evolving digital landscape” three premier experts and forty guests had an exciting discussion about the human condition – more specifically a uniquely important factor of human existence and experience: Work. What does work mean today – and how will it change, from the macro-economic level right down to enterprises and the daily organization of work. The event featured a literature afternoon including book presentations and a panel discussion on the authors’ topics.

Further events of the eye square HFX will be announced regularly – already scheduled are: July 4 – when the Deutsche Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft will partner with eye square to hold their AI Symposium – and September 12 – when eye square will celebrate its 25tn anniversary with MEMEX 25 (Back to the Future). We look forward to MEGA Events with MEGA audiences ands guests.

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Insights into the Human Experience Family Event

Meet the authors

Der breite Staat-Nachhaltiger Liberalismus jenseits von Kapitalismus – Eine Utopie

Handbuch Employer Branding

Hybrides Arbeiten und Lernen in virtuellen Welten

Properly pitched and humanly scored-these were our start-ups

After three stimulating presentations and an interesting round of discussions, the HFX launched into „eye square Pitch Night“, which has now become a staple element of eye square popular conference series in the Berlin start-up scene.

Augustine Kangni
Augustine Kangni introduced her startup, which focuses on tackling intercultural challenges in the global workplace. The early-stage EdTech idea aims to address cultural barriers that impede productivity and performance in global teams. By offering an online-education program, skll-ink aims to enhance collaboration and increase cultural sensitivity. The startup also emphasizes the importance of redefining communication skills to foster improved collaboration and secure profitability in the business world.

Adrian Beyertt
The essence of being human lies in the meaningful interactions we have with others. Loneliness, depression, lack of recognition in the workplace, excessive use of social media, and isolation are all factors that affect our mental health. The current issue lies in the feelings of loneliness and the negative impact of excessive technology use. But can digital products also foster healthy connections? If so, what would they look like?

“heppy” is a tool designed to make you feel valued by the most important people in your life. It functions as a virtual “message in a bottle” and creates a community of friends. Developing quality social connections is crucial for maintaining good mental health.

Niklas Todenhöfer
Congratulations to Niklas Todenhöfer, who was the winner of the Human Experience Pitch Night Event!

Connect with your community and make a global impact! The development of his application „givingful“ aims to reduce waste in cities and builds trust through efficient local sharing. The application connects givers and collectors to reduce waste and conserve resources in the local area. As a collector you can discover free items in your area. “givingful” is simplified through user-friendly design.

A percentage of profits is donated to impactful charities. And Niklas has another vision: future payments should take place on a public blockchain for transparency. Niklas Todenhöfer donated the 500 Euro prize to another charity project.

Togehter with his partner, Hrvoje Didovic is leading a community-managed co-working initiative to address the issue of expensive and hard-to-scale existing co-working spaces. Spaceshare offers a solution where anyone can easily set up a co-working space without the need for a large investment, making use of underutilized space in cities.

The spaces provided by Spaceshare are informal yet functional, offering a more affordable alternative to traditional office spaces and cafes. This start-up aims to reinvent the co-working space model by focusing on sustainability, scalability, and being asset and payroll-light.

“Frau Kimchi”

The founder of this start-up has a personal connection to fermented foods like Kimchi and Doenjang. After moving to Berlin, she realized that it was difficult to find these cherished foods in the city, even with many Asian markets available. The goal of the start-up is to introduce fresh and fermented food, starting with Kimchi, in Berlin and eventually expand across Germany.

They aim to serve customers who have trouble finding fresh high quality fermented or preserved foods, as well as small local vendors who face challenges in marketing their products.

Adam Moalla
Every week, the meditation-room called “Mindful Circles” welcomes Startup founders, early employees, entrepreneurs, and individuals interested in starting a new business. By dedicating an hour to meditation, these individuals can take a break from their busy schedules and cultivate mindfulness alongside other professionals who share similar goals. The group offers guided meditation sessions and encourages mindful sharing, all on a donation basis.​

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