Felix Metger

Vice President

Shopper Experience

Felix loves technology and research, in particular, to study what impact technology has on us as humans, as a society, and as consumers. He and his team conduct research in order to understand how people behave and make decisions at the Point of Sale – in the real world or online.


Based on the experience of many years of POS research using implicit and behavioral tools – next to the classical market research approaches -he consults companies on how to optimize digital offers and how to increase conversion rates in the eCommerce sector.


Felix has a passion for developing experimental study designs, using technology, and explaining human behavior and decision-making processes.


He is a regular speaker on trends and scientific methods of research at conferences and training seminars and enjoys working in interdisciplinary teams.


Felix is an expert on the application of innovative technology and creative research methods.


He has comprehensive experience in conducting studies with interdisciplinary and intercultural teams.


He advised clients from the FMCG, automotive, and consumer electronics industries for many years.



Felix Metger

Telephone +49 30 698144-43


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