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Testing concepts early on helps steer in the right direction.  This requires special methods.

The sooner you involve users in product development, the sooner you prevent development mistakes and costs. We employ co-creation methods during the development phase, including rapid prototyping, expert workshops, laddering interviews, brainstorming, empathy map, etc.

In iterative user tests, stimuli are modified step-by-step by you or our UX designers.

Agile and iterative tests of prototypes with fast feedback and the right users.

Prototyping can be a part of usability tests. In iterative user tests, stimuli are modified step-by-step by you or our UX designers and evaluated by users in as many as 3 iterations. In this way, we conduct efficient research and get close to the user.

Personas are built from data analysis of diverse sources, including quantitative and qualitative research. Statistical procedures help identify consumer segments and archetypal user profiles.

You can thus tune the features, content, and functionalities of your product to the wishes, needs, and behaviors of your target groups.

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