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Observe how users experience your product.

Would you like to know how users experience your website or product? We observe user interactions and record their responses. The Usability Test at Eye Square is one of our primary offerings because it is a powerful tool to assess user experience.

We conduct tests with focus groups in the lab and in the field concerning usability, usefulness, design, and joy-of-use.

We classify your product with our Usability Score and compare it to comprehensive industry benchmarks.

Our benchmarks are comprehensive and built over years from areas including Automotive, eCommerce, and Pharma. We have already seen countless websites. Draw inspiration from our action-oriented recommendations.

Our Usability Test with 10-20 users can answer both qualitative and quantitative questions to assess at what stage your products are.

Observe natural interaction and ask the right questions.

The eye square mobile app allows diverse study solutions from the questionnaire to A/B testing your mobile website.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us.

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