Liane Kuhlhoff - eye square
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Liane Kuhlhoff

Senior Research Consultant & Partner

Liane Kuhlhoff, Senior Research Consultant, is part of the Brand and Media Experience unit at eye square. She is an economist with a focus on Quantitative Economic Research.
Liane has many years of experience in qualitative and quantitative marketing research. She implements user experience studies in the areas of software, apps and websites. In addition, she focuses on the quantitative research areas of brand tracking and consumer segmentation at eye square.


Liane is a domain expert in banking and finance and serves numerous national clients in these fields. She optimizes insurance customer portals from the user’s perspective and helps clients to understand their market positioning alongside their competitions for the best possible marketing outcomes.


Liane Kuhlhoff is also responsible for sales and new customer acquisition at eye square.



Berlin Chemie

Deutsche Bank

Hannoversche Versicherung

Expert in user experience studies with eye tracking


Has consulted Deutsche Bank, Allianz and Vattenfall during iterative user experience studies for stationary and mobile websites for many years


Specialised in trailer research


Attends symposia such as German UPA / Mensch und Computer/ Internet World on a regular basis.



Liane Kuhlhoff

Telephone +49 30 698144-42

Fax +49 30 698144-10