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Eye square international full service market brand shopper and usability research company with focus on implicit research methods
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Gut feelings, trust, pleasure – implicit factors determine whether or not consumers use your website.

Using a combination of different methods, we not only capture user satisfaction with a product, but also reveal associated underlying causes to facilitate management decisions.

The NPS indicates how well your website performs –implicit analyses show why.

Our usability score classifies your product and compares it to comprehensive industry benchmarks.

With regular tracking of trust and impressions towards your offers, we use statistical techniques to uncover latent sources of consumer satisfaction.

Case Studies

eBay – Product and Brand Tracking since 2009


Since 2009, we have conducted extensive Product Health Tracking for eBay.  Quarterly online surveys of user experience were conducted globally in various product categories with more than 30,000 interviews per year, in which the four most important markets were DE, UK, US, IT.


Benchmarking against local competitors is equally important as tracking changes over time.


A typical project procedure involves the following phases:


  • Preparation: Survey creation, translations, sampling
  • Field phase: Invitations, response rate monitoring
  • Analysis: Data processing, validation, evaluation, statistical analysis
  • Reporting: Visualization, presentations, dashboard development

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