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Die eye square Live Receptivity Platform

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e2 Live Receptivity Platform

In recent years, the digital sphere has experienced an extreme increase in frequency and variety of touchpoints. As people are forced to filter constant flows of information it’s important to determine whether they experience each point-of-contact with a receptive and attentive state of mind. The e2 Receptivity Platform provides this kind of understanding by going beyond machine indicators and uncovering the human side of a touchpoint. Receptivity not only allows you to understand what people are doing, but how they’re feeling when they do it. Receptivity is relevant for digital marketing, ecommerce and user experience.

Understand your Customer

Optimize Campaigns

With the Live Receptivity Platform, eye square offers you a predictive test environment for all relevant touchpoints. We deliver in-depth emotional diagnostics for creative & media all in real time. We test single touchpoints or in combination with other touchpoints.


The e2 Live Receptivity Platform ensures that its customers can access the “human ecosystem” in the digital world. With the live approach eye square offers a safe and rapid forecast of the success of a customer touch point. We do not operate with historical data, but measure touch points in the present. This allows a real view forward and ensures an economically successful innovation in communication.


In just a few hours you can determine the impact that a campaign will have on the user and check whether it will achieve the expected success prediction.

  • Testing in the LIVE environment leads to causal determination of the predicted effect.

In Context

This unique technology allows you to test media and products live and in-context. User-experiences, creative design and product drafts can be pretested across different media properties, which is beyond most companies control.

Implicit and Explicit

The platform combines analysis of implicit user responses like, visual attention, facial emotions and reaction times. As well as explicit user feedback such as, survey and interview responses. It produces easy to use performance reports and clear guidance for optimization.

Integrated and automated

The LIVE Receptivity technology can be integrated into dashboards and panel apps and can also be automated via the platform’s REST-API.

Unique data analysis

The technology of the platform is protected by a U.S. patent and enables the analysis of user-response data on highly interactive and dynamic media. Data can be normalized across respondents and touchpoints which allows for consistent benchmarking.

We test moving images, display ads and classical ads

Digital/Mobile and on Desktop









Classic Media

TV, OOH, Print, POS, radio

We test implicit and explicit parameters


Behavioural Data
Brand React
Choice React




Electroencephalography (EEG)
Electrodermal activity (EDA)
In-depth interviews

Analysis of User Reactions

Integration and Automation

eye square is the only company that tests in live media context and combines visual attention, facial expressions and reaction time with survey data. The processes of the Live Receptivity technology are automated (through the platform’s REST API) and the results can be integrated into dashboards and panel apps. The patented technology enables the analysis of user response data, with highly interactive and dynamic media.


2017: 350.000 respondents, 4000 ads

2018 circa 50.000 respondents and 700 ads so far.


implicit indicators increase predictive power of Choice Modelling from 40% to 80%.

Project Experience

Nestlé, Facebook, Google, …

Your expert for implementing the receptivity platform

Jeff Ephraim Bander

Chief Revenue Officer USA


Telephone +1 917 523 0007
Fax +49 30 698144-10

Receptivity projects have been successfully implemented for

For more information on receptivity, read the recent interview with Michael Schiessl (founder and CEO of eye square).

For more information on receptivity, read the recent interview with Michael Schiessl (founder and CEO of eye square).

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