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For years eye square has continually focused on the use of professional online methods.

These, in Coronavirus times, are more relevant than ever.

1. Online methods allow us to use all techniques, tools and questionnaires, from implicit to in context testing as normal.

2. To perform qualitative research at a high level, we are increasingly dependent on remote interviews and group discussions.

How can research be realised online?

Both eye square approaches can be conveniently used online or replaced with remote interview techniques.


Focus groups

One-on-one interviews

BRANDREACT: Reaction time measurement

Eye Tracking

Emotion Analysis

Online use

Remote focus groups with and without webcam

Remote one-to-one interviews with and without webcam

Desktop and mobile devices

Measurement via webcam

Measurement via webcam

Limitless testing – advantages of online and group interviews

  • Online and group interviews are used for the same topics as face-to-face interviews.
  • Quick recruitment without travel time, across regional borders.
  • Less expensive than studio variants, because there are no costs for rooms.
  • The use of webcams creates personal contact and motivates participants.
  • Multimedia features enhance the experience and motivation of the participants and provide audiovisual feedback on your research questions.
  • The used platforms are optimized for application on mobile devices.

Technical platforms

eye square works together with several professional services that offer online focus groups. Depending on the study, we select the optimal focus group service for you and integrate this into our offer.

During the interview…

What should be considered?

  • Participants have to test webcam and sound before the study begins to ensure a smooth start.
  • Focus groups: it is explicitly stated that the contributions of others should be actively taken up.
  • Co-moderation can additionally enliven the round.

Recording and client participation

  • Recording possible with prior permission
  • Digital declaration of agreement is signed via DocuSign
  • Customers can anonymously watch one-to-one interviews (no video, muted microphone)

Case: Online one-on-one interviews for a telecom provider

Research question: User experience of a desktop website and a mobile website

  • March 2020
  • Success Rate: 94% (15 of 16 interviews)
  • Duration per participant: 60 minutes
  • Remote platforms: join.me Video Conferencing, Lookback.io Mobile Testing
  • Joint exploration of web pages via screen sharing and remote mouse control

“The day was super exciting, despite the short-term change to a remote environment! They did a fantastic job and spontaneously offered a flexible solution. That was quite great. Thank you very much for this support!”

-Client, telecommunications sector

Example: Features of the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform

Zoom Video Conferencing offers lively, interactive online focus groups and one-on-one interviews

  • High audio and video quality, recording of groups possible
  • Polls: Emoji-based hand raising for voting
  • Digital whiteboards for joint development of questions
  • Screen Sharing for presentation of stimuli
  • Breakout rooms (group work): splitting up the group, moderation of split group rooms, subsequent reunion of the group

Clear overview of up to 100 participants

Break out rooms for separation into groups

Digital whiteboards for team work

In Context

Research as real as possible: All our research methods are geared towards interacting with people in the most natural context. Live In Context Research allows to test ads on live websites, on TV, in print and out-of-home advertising.


The technology experimentally measures the effect of a product or an ad creation on the consumers. Further, it analyzes the responses of people in a dynamic and authentic environment, e.g. on e-commerce websites or in a personal social media newsfeed. This leads to a realistic reception and effective insights.

Human Experience Research

We want to remind you, in these tough times, that our high quality standards are guaranteed.

Consult us to find out which approaches for your research questions will now provide the most insights. Fill out the contact form, and we’ll get right back to you soon.

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