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Prove the effectiveness of certain media channels

What are the areas of opportunity when planning multi-channel campaigns? Which images from the moving image campaign are suitable for selection in print and poster – or how should the extension of a TV campaign be optimized for online implementation?


Because of the increasing importance of a uniform campaign design for a consistent approach toward consumers, it’s more important than before to understand the special features of individual media types.

What is the difference between print and poster? How much time do I have for my message? In which situation is the recipient?


What is actually more effective when using moving images – TV, YouTube or Facebook?


Do online ads work differently on mobile than on the desktop?

The Brand & Media team, with its years of expertise in media psychology and advertising reception, supports advertisers, associations and marketers in researching these issues.


Benefit from extensive benchmarks in the field of reception, processing and impact of different media channels. Understand the peculiarities and important creation guidelines when optimizing your marketing in an Omni Channel world.


Compare media channels and advertising spaces independently for efficient control of your media budget.

Our offer applies to media agenices, marketers and advertisers.

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