Full stack JavaScript developer - eye square EN
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Full stack JavaScript developer

Full stack JavaScript developer

Job Description

eye square is looking for a full stack JavaScript developer to join our team in Berlin-Kreuzberg. You should have a strong understanding of JavaScript and at least 3 years of experience in developing backend systems.

Our media research platform enables A/B testing on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon and several other major media platforms and websites. A/B testing on live websites and apps is enabled by a combination of server- and client-side techniques which allow an integration with popular media platforms outside of regular APIs. Working on our product, you will develop a firm understanding of how popular interactive media UIs are built. You will be challenged to find creative ways to integrate the eye square control library into the media, preserving the user-experience on the one hand, while enabling experimental test control and data collection on the other hand.

Our team is working on a broad range of programming challenges in client- and server side JavaScript, online video, mobile app development (Android, iOS), integration of media APIs, analytics and reporting, system architecture, performance optimization and scalability, which require constant learning and quick adoption of new technologies.


Skills & Requirements
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript
  • At least 3 years of experience in developing backend systems
  • Comfortable with databases (relational and NoSQL)
  • Experience in developing Node.js service
  • Experience with mobile development (Android or iOS)
  • Experience with automated testing and continuous integration
  • Interest in functional programming


About eye square

Eye square is a market research company with a focus on psychological methods and scalable research technologies.

Our media research solution allows advertisers and media companies to pre-test new media formats and creative design on live media properties which they normally can’t control. The technology works via an invitation link for a select group of users (participants) who can experience the media platforms (websites and apps) just as they normally do, while the eye square In Context test technology allows to fully control the ads that they see. The software records a specific set of behavioural metrics as well as optionally their gaze and facial expressions via their devices built in cameras. The platform enables A/B testing on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon and several other major media platforms and websites



We have great benefits
  • Exciting product which relates to the cutting edge of media trends
  • Build a product used by some of the world’s top 10 media companies
  • Commitment and support for learning and adopting new technologies
  • Freedom to define your cutting edge solutions
  • Nice and open-minded work environment
  • Multi-cultural team
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Flexible working hours
  • Nice location at the river Spree in Kreuzberg
  • Healthy and unhealthy snacks and drinks


Join us at eye square

We look forward to your application by email to: jobs@eye-square.com


Amanda Zwicker | eye square GmbH
Schlesische Str. 29-30 | D-10997 Berlin | 030 69814414