Facial Expressions | The Language that All People Speak | eye square
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Why do some ad spots create a spark and others do not?

The automatic analysis of facial expressions allows us to understand why some ad spots spark and others do not. Things that are especially funny, beautiful or breathtaking stay in our memories.
Today, brands must distinguish themselves from the competition. This way you can stand out, tell stories and win hearts.

Set yourself apart from the competition through emotional product differentiation.


Scientifically proven, culturally universal – the facial expression is the language that all people speak.


The little moments when advertisements bring a smile, new features on websites amaze, and new products on a shelf surprise the consumer are recognized by facial expression tracking.

The technique analyzes universal facial expressions because a smile looks the same on each person. Learning algorithms recognize the most important, globally recognized facial expressions. We analyze the most important moods such as joy, surprise and frustration.