Eye square leads in the area of methodical competence - eye square CN
Eye square international full service market brand shopper and usability research company with focus on implicit research methods
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Eye square leads in the area of methodical competence


The aim of the image study by marktforschung.de was to capture how small and medium-sized German market research companies are perceived by researchers. In an online survey, industry insiders were asked how familiar they were with individual market research service providers, and how they perceived their image in various evaluation dimensions.

The primary target group was company market researchers. Institute market researchers and service providers were also asked to give their opinion. A total of 558 people participated in the study from 21.02.-26.03.2018. Twenty three market research companies made it into the second round of the marktforschung.de evaluation, and only 12 moved on to receive a top level position.

eye square is both honored and pleased to announce that we were named the leader in methodical competence. In addition, we ranked fourth place in brand recognition amongst all the market research companies.

It was a pleasure to be involved with the marktforschung.de study and we will look forward to new exciting market research challenges with our clients!

“This seal of approval pleases us immensely because it comes directly from our customers. We are working very hard here, with clear minds, passion in our hearts and great enthusiasm to be on the cutting edge of science, aesthetics, and technology. That’s exactly what our customers need right now in order to be truly successful in the tremendous digital transformation that is currently taking place. This empirical award confirms our choice of implicit research and experience as key areas of our market research innovations. It’s a great honor for a great team!” – Michael Schießl (CEO & Founder, eye square)