Angelique Ruiter - eye square
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Angelique Ruiter

Senior Research Consultant

Angelique Ruiter is a senior research consultant and part of the UX team at eye square.


She is a doctor of sociology in the field of Cultural Hybridity and Consumer Culture at the HU Berlin. Angelique Ruiter has many years of experience in market research on both the agency side and the client side. As a Dutchwoman in Berlin, she has previously worked for Viacom and Happy Thinking People. While working as a senior manager in the field of user experience and branding, she has implemented numerous international projects.




Deutsche Bahn


Adesso Mobile


Konica Minolta

Angelique specializes in qualitative UX research. With her experience in design thinking she is particularly passionate about participatory design and co-creation.

User Experience


Angelique Ruiter

Telephone +49 30 698144-67

Fax +49 30 698144-10