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Innovation research in virtual space

Virtual Reality (VR) creates new conditions for product development and design. In the state of immersion, users experience and perceive the artificial environment as real. This allows interaction with objects that do not (yet) exist in reality. Hence for product development, VR offers an excellent opportunity for innovation research in conjunction with 3D modeling.

In this framework, VR enables the study of awareness, implicit response and acceptance of new products, product design or packaging.

VR is a new format with its own specific functionalities. We use the latest eye tracking technology to study the visual contact and user experience in VR research.

We offer:

  • Innovation research, packaging and design studies in virtual space
  • Impact research on VR content and formats
  • Basic studies to further understand virtual applications and experiences

We, at eye square, use VR as an environment for implicit research. This allows us to obtain prognostically better data and amass an abundance of insights for innovation design.

How is the user experience of virtual reality content?

We measure the gaze behaviour in virtual Space

eye square has been a pioneer in research and technical innovations for 18 years. VR is a new technology. In addition to the latest devices und platforms, new types of formats, content and applications are developing.

VR requires the production of special content. Until now, VR has been used mainly in gaming. With the growing range of hardware, we anticipate VR productions to be increasingly more present in the fields of marketing, advertising, entertainment, news, sport, musik and tourism.

The hardware needed for production is already available by having 360° cameras. The complexity of a production increases depending on the user’s degree of interactivity and freedom of movement. In order to understand the awareness and impact of these new formats, we perform extensive user studies.

We offer eye tracking for the following HMDs:

  • HTC Vive
  • Mobile Phone + Google Cardboard

4 Recording Methods