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Set the right stimuli in order to activate the shopper to purchase

The emotional appeal to consumers is a core challenge in modern shopping environments. In this regard, multisensory communication through packaging offers the chance to stand out and inspire.

They give an outlook of the world found within of the product. They tell stories, for example, by tradition, region and culture. They explain product benefits and they are canvases for brand presentation.

One of the customer aligned hierarchy of communication elements and the targeted deployment of symbols, colors and forms helps the customer to purchase.

We offer a unique research concept with which in all stages of development, the effectiveness of your packaging designs can be quickly, inexpensively and globally checked online.

This multi-method approach captures implicit factors that are not easily able to be requested directly. This is how we get a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making processes of your customers. These insights are essential in enabling the complex design of product packaging (color, shape, material, etc.) to achieve a positive anchor effect in the minds of customers in a functionally similar product environment.

For large samples, we test packaging in standardized tests, or in the studio for qualitative insights and a deep understanding of the impression given by the designs.

With implicit measurement we get closer to the shopper impulses and understanding processes that are often not explained rationally.

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