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Eye square international full service market brand shopper and usability research company with focus on implicit research methods
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Who we are

Full Service Research
Innovative Implicit Products




Eyesquare is the only market research company to test LIVE on mobile phones, allowing companies to test their mobile and desktop content, ads and e-commerce in the consumer’s natural habitat. Our technology to test live shopping experiences both online and in store is being used by many of the Fortune 500 companies.


Eyesquare is one of the global leaders in market research with a focus on psychological methods. For 19 years’ eye square has been one of the leading innovators of implicit research technologies.


Implicit methods are embedded in REAL LIVE context testing environments giving companies profound quantitative and qualitative understanding of what people experience and what drives their behavior.


Eye square uses the neurosemiotic model to understand the meaning of signs. Combining Implicit (desire, feelings), explicit (symbolic, rational) and real (perception, stimulus).
In context testing, all materials are tested in a LIVE context to give companies valid insight that proves its value in the real world.


Eye square has one of the world’s largest benchmark databases on user experience.
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Berlin Germany, the company has over 300 global clients, 72 employees located in 5 locations, Berlin, London, Seoul, Tokyo and now New York.

Company Facts


User Experience,
Brand & Media,
Shopper Research
72 Consultants,
6 Locations: Berlin, London, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong
Implicit Brand Research with Innovative Tools On and Off-Line
Academic Co-Operation:
Technical University Berlin, Leibniz University Hannover,
Yale University, Humboldt University of Berlin
2007 BVM German Market Research Prize
2014 Best Papaer Award (ESOMAR), Best Presentation Award (Der Markentag 2014) & IAB Research Award

This makes the difference – incontext testing and implicit methods

InContext testing
All materials are tested in a live context. You receive valid insight that proves it’s value in the real world.


Implicit and explicit methods.
Attention, emotion, activation – we combine various insight methods for a holistic understanding of the consumers.


Online experts – webcam eye tracking
Emotions and attention measurement of the customer journey through long term studies with your customers online.

Three Areas of Expertise

People have many different points of contacts with brands and products.
Almost always, emotional, unconscious or difficult to describe processes are involved.

Eye square is dedicated to it‘s three research areas, the three most important Consumer Touchpoints.

Brand & Media Experience
Advertising & Digital
Brand Measurement
Campaign Tracking
TV Research
Media Research
User Experience
UX Tracking
Website & App
Usability Test
Shopper Experience
Store Experience
Packaging Design
In-Store Marketing
Category Management
Omni-Channel Research

Research in more than 30 countries

Headquarter Berlin
Eye square GmbH
Schlesisches Straße 29-30

Office London

Office Seoul

Office Tokyo

Office New York

Office Hong Kong

Benchmark databases

Eye square possesses one of the world’s largest benchmark databases on user experience at various touchpoints.


With this we compare the performance of your touchpoints with your competitors.


Benchmarks can be configured for you according to your size, industry, target country and other variables.





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