Matthias Rothensee, Author at eye square
Eye square international full service market brand shopper and usability research company with focus on implicit research methods
Market Research, Eye-Tracking, eye tracking, Usability, user experience, brand measurement, shopper research, brand research,implicit, implizite verfahren, webcam eye-tracking,
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Author: Matthias Rothensee

Job Description eye square is looking for a full stack JavaScript developer to join our team in Berlin-Kreuzberg. You should have a strong understanding of JavaScript and at least 3 years of experience in developing backend systems. Our media research platform enables A/B testing on Facebook, Youtube,...

Brand Insights 4.0: An Effective Tool in the Hands of Brand Managers July 20, 2015 • Marketing & Consumers, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT By Steffen Schmidt, Frank Buckler, Nadine Hennigs, Matthias Rothensee, Levke Albertsen A sophisticated Brand Insights 4.0 approach incorporating all elements of the analytical power of the...